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What is the YouthCan IMPACT initiative?

YouthCan IMPACT is a collaborative initiative of youth, families, community agencies, hospitals and primary care partners, who work together to improve the youth mental health and addiction system.

The YouthCan IMPACT team is implementing a novel, community-based approach to delivering mental health care to youth in Toronto. Under this new service delivery model, Integrative Collaborative Care Teams (ICCTs) are being implemented. Integrative Collaborative Care Teams include service providers from community agencies, adolescent psychiatry hospitals and primary care partners.

What is the new, community-based/Integrated Collaborative Care Team approach? Where is it being implemented?

Services of community agencies, adolescent psychiatry hospitals and primary care partners have been co-located in three youth-friendly walk-in clinics— East Metro Youth Services (Scarborough and Danforth locations) and Skylark Children, Youth and Families—as a full-service solution approach to intervention. A range of services are offered, including brief solution-focused therapy, dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) skills groups, care navigation, peer support, family/caregiver interventions and onsite access to psychiatric services.

Who is on the YouthCan IMPACT team?

Hospital, community agency and primary care partners include:

Youth and family members are an integral part of the collaboration and are equal partners on the project’s Core Team, as well as in its working groups. In addition, larger Youth Advisory and Family Advisory Groups have been established to represent broad youth and family perspectives and to provide input on project activities.

Why is the YouthCan IMPACT initiative important?

By co-locating services in youth-friendly spaces, some of the barriers that youth experience can be addressed- such as long wait times, inconvenient hours, poor discharge planning and lack of coordination between service providers.